My Story

“If people are nurtured and taught to be focused both internally and externally, they get their spark, energy and inspiration back, leading to a whole different echelon of productivity in our corporations.”—Lisa May, Holistic Leadership Development Coach

My mission is to elevate you to new levels of fulfillment and performance. My intention is to support your transformation, as a corporate executive, by infusing new energy, passion and purpose into your life, based on breakthrough models and tools using the latest in brain science and holistic approaches to leadership.

As a former executive who has been in the trenches with the best of you, I have an inside perspective on what it means to meet performance standards for profits, revenues, and goals at the end of the day.

During my 20+ years in Corporate America, I climbed the ranks from sales representative to Executive VP in the medical device arena, first at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endo-Surgery for the majority of those years, and then later at Urologix.

As rewarding as these experiences were, I also witnessed pain in the eyes of many of my colleagues that had burned out. They were spent… empty from a fast pace that simply didn’t embrace the realities of work/life balance.  The old ways of doing business weren’t working.

Sleepless nights from 150+ annual travel days, anxiety, panic, and brain fog are just a few of the symptoms I endured that led to a broken body and spirit. The cause? A life of external-based achievement.   My quest for outside validation began as a young girl, when I was a consistent, medal-winning athlete.  Naturally, I took that drive to business.

Outside looking in, I “had it all.” Inside, like many of you, I was depleted.

Finally, I stopped and broke the rules:  I cried.  I spoke the truth of the costs of living my life while putting corporate’s goals before my own needs.  My family, my boss and (most importantly) I, heard the message loud and clear.

This was a catalyst for huge changes in my life so I could become alive in new ways.

My soul search led me to ask the question that “calls” me to help you:

Is The YOU missing from YOUR life?

I was certainly absent from the best of me, and when I got myself back, I knew I had to follow my life purpose – to help you and your corporation do the same.   The inner journey is the most significant and productive task of life.   You become your best by feeling, not just thinking, which requires time spent BEING.

During this time, I became a certified health coach through the renowned Institute for Integrated Nutrition and was later trained in the latest brain science techniques from the powerful work of neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. I attended his “Progressive” trainings and later became certified as a corporate coach through his company, Neuro Change Solutions (NCS). NCS’s “Change Your Mind Create New Results” training enables leaders to harness the incredible power of the brain to make significant changes in perspectives and possibility thinking. NCS also helps your organization:

  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve resilience
  • Improve engagement
  • Shift cultures

“Lisa is a dynamic leader who considers all aspects of energy to optimize performance and organizational success.  Her holistic view of mind, body and spirit is conveyed in a simple and honest method that embraces diverse backgrounds and enrolls people to maximize their best self.  She connects on a deep personal level and builds trust and transparent relationships very quickly.”—Jeremiah Kaplan, Business Unit Director, Johnson & Johnson.

Teaching executives and corporations how to bridge the gap between the demands of the external world and the treasures within themselves is my passion.

It’s no surprise that a fulfilled and balanced PERSON makes the best leader. The best leader ignites the potential in others to reach new heights, enhancing performance and corporate results.