My Services

Holistic. Empowering. Effective.

Change Your Mind…Create New Results™ (for Leadership Teams up to 20 participants)

• 8 hour group session focused on proven neuroscience breakthroughs from Dr. Joe Dispenza surrounding change management and creating new results

• Three Month individual follow-up coaching for each participant

One-on-One Executive Coaching for Individuals

• Bi-weekly sessions at your pace of business, my office, or via virtual communication

• Individualized health, wellness, and professional assessment

• Goal identification, action planning and development

• Ritual and accountability tools to drive sustained change

• Support via email, text, and phone as needed up to 1 hour monthly

• 3 and 6 month programs

• Goal fulfillment summary

Team Coaching for Small Groups up to 10 participants

• Monthly 1 hour small group coaching sessions for 6 months in your place of business or in local venues

• Two individual coaching sessions for each participant

• Excellent for young professionals and executive teams interested in maximizing health, wellness, and professional development in a team environment

• Goal fulfillment summary

Fülle Re-charge Retreats for Individuals and Small Groups up to 20 Participants

• Bi-Annual 3-Day retreat focused on intensive self-reflection, goal development and plan refinement

• Exposure to world renowned health, wellness, and fulfilment leaders

• Perfect follow-up to 3 or 6 month program participants or open to first time participants upon pre-work completion and approval

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