I have had the opportunity to know and work with Lisa for over 12 years and she is the perfect example of a servant leader. Not only does she know how to drive the business, she leads her teams in a way that brings out the best in each individual and the team. Lisa leads by example and develops her teams, whether in sales or marketing, sales representative or marketing director, to strive for the very best in themselves and the strategic objective. It is not just about the sale with Lisa, it is the development path you took to get there and what you did to make yourself better the next time.

Director, National Accounts
EndoChoice, Inc.



I had the pleasure of being part of a team which was led by Lisa. During that time, I observed how she utilized the unique strengths of each individual to nurture a high performing sales leadership team. It is a skill that she taught me and something I now employ today as a manager. Recognizing the importance of leveraging each individuals’s strength to drive performance is just one of many leadership traits that Lisa has shown me.

Energy Division Manager



Great leaders are able to identify what their teams need to succeed, meet those needs, and then step out of the way. Lisa May exemplifies those qualities as a leader. She is incredibly perceptive and able to guide people on how they can grow and succeed while staying focused on what is truly important and maintaining healthy balance in their lives. She understands the big picture from her own personal and professional experience and genuinely takes joy in sharing that knowledge with others.

Vice President, Client Partnership
Healthcare Regional Marketing



Lisa is not your ordinary ‘executive coach’ by any stretch…. By combining her executive experience with her ability to read and understand where you are in your life’s journey, she will help you examine who and where you are today and help you discover what’s possible to achieve your life’s mission. From the discovery process of who you are, to identifying your path, Lisa will take you on a journey that will be challenging, enlightening and bring a whole new holistic leadership perspective that will change your life.

VP – Innovation



I’ve known Lisa for over 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with her and for her in different capacities throughout our rewarding relationship. Her dynamic, engaging, caring, and passionate personality has had a dramatic impact on my life and taught me many valuable life lessons. From the moment that you meet her, you will feel like you’ve known her years over. She is an inspirational leader that consistently leaves a positive wake with people that come in and out of her life. She has become a “go to” person and mentor for me in all walks of life – professionally and personally. In life, you need people like Lisa May that will forever have a lasting impact on how you handle the journey that lies ahead. She will be there for you every step of the way!

National Sales Manager, Percuvance
Surgical Division, Teleflex



Lisa is a leader like no other. She brings an undeniable light into any room, an unequivocal human element into every workplace she touches. She lives a life of wellness and balance; having been on an amazing personal journey– professionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Instead of simply going through the steps of growth and change, she continually taps into it, in order to understand, and then apply to the workplace and other people, to help them in their own personal balance, wellness and growth. She walks the walk and encourages each individual she works with to tap into their strengths, while enabling each to understand and turn around any weaknesses.

Inside Sales



To describe Lisa as inspirational is an understatement. She has a unique ability in interpersonal communication, motivation, and brings a higher strength to those in her presence. She has become a mentor in my life and has truly assisted me in encompassing a work-life balance in which I am forever grateful for. She keeps me accountable to my own standards, and challenges me to be the best Jennifer in all aspects of my life.

Outreach Manager



Over the past 10 years I have observed and experienced Lisa’s leadership, direction and encouragement in my life. She has always treated each individual with great care and concern knowing that we are a whole person and that our personal lives cannot be separated from work life. She is a passionate, determined woman that has sought out resources at length to help those in need of tools and resources to develop skills to be successful in life. She opens her heart and mind to first listen and understand before being understood. I’ve thrived professionally while working with and for Lisa and I’m confident she will continue to positively impact lives in the future!

Regional VP



Throughout my professional career, I’ve worked with many talented individuals. Lisa’s commitment to balance, wellness, and personal growth transcends that of any other. Her counsel, and our discussions around “being present” and “giving energy”, shape my interactions to this day. I am grateful for the time I spent on Lisa’s team. She is an exceptionally talented leader who understands how to win – personally and professionally.

Regional Manager



What makes Lisa unique:

Lisa brings a very unique perspective to leadership. She taught me one of the most valuable lessons that any manager/leader has in my 24 years. She taught me the importance of “Art and Science”! The “SCIENCE” is what all leaders teach their managers. It is business planning, execution, people management, etc. The “ART” is the power and force multiplier that is released when your people believe you care about them. It is a culture that drives the science. Lisa truly cares about her people and creates a foundation where her people will do anything for her! Lisa’s teams get as much satisfaction out of performing for her and the team as they do driving compensation. Very powerful!

Sr. Manager, Sales Learning
Global Education Solutions



Lisa utilized her decades in Corporate America and her dedication to health and well-being to bridge a gap that is nessisary for people to manage a demanding career, home and family, and their untapped connection to their personal growth and spiritual self.

Rising Fire



Lisa has the ability to personalize her leadership style for the individual she is leading. It is unique because she doesn’t make broad stroke recommendations on development, it is customized.

Additionally, Lisa has a motivational, encouraging style that is less standard hype, but with a focus on the whole person. She wants to know who you are, genuinely. Lisa focuses more on human development and believes if your spirit and attitude are aligned, it is easier to focus and execute your business objectives.

Territory Sales Manager
Cohera Medical