Affiliate Trainers

Ellen Kay

Ellen-KayEllen has worked as a communications professional with organisations such as Capita, Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Worldpay and Sharing in Growth (a 50M GBP aerospace supply chain initiative developing SME’s with aspirations to grow).

She has shown in a variety of sectors that she can work at all levels of organisations to deliver effective internal and external communications. Delivering a proven communication formula she works with blue chip corporations, football academies, clubs and players.

Ellen has the ability to lead and be part of a team to clarify strategy and energise communities to deliver common goals and change. She plans and manages external and internal events in addition to planning and implementing effective communication channels.

Ellen is results driven and passionate about helping people to improve their communications. She coaches communication skills, sharing practical tips and techniques. She will help you deliver your vision, design a strategy and work with you to create change both personally and professionally.

She is passionate about unlocking human potential and as a result is a ‘Change your mind …. change your results’ (neuro-change solutions) trainer based on the latest research in neuro-science from the United States.

She “simply makes things happen” Andrea Ranyard, Worldpay.

“Ellen is a professional, engaging individual whose approach and manner helps her meet challenging objectives. She demonstrates an openness that encourages those with whom she is working to fully utilise her skills as a coach and mentor. Ellen joined our project at the start and her communication skills were quickly evident in being able to engage an eclectic spread of companies. Ellen practices what she preaches constantly seeking continuous improvement in herself and others.”

Dr Bryan Jackson CBE Company Chairman Sharing In Growth Ltd